Cold meals

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SR Food er leveringsdygtige i et bredt og mangeartede udvalg af spændende produkter med pris og kvalitet for øje. Vores hjemmeside er ikke en udtømmende gennemgang af alle vores mange produkter, men giver et godt billede af de muligheder, vi kan tilbyde.

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Cold meats

We can supply a wide range of orders and sandwich slices. Our selection is wide with products from Germany, Austria, Spain and Italy. SR Food offers both conventional and organic orders - Click here to see our organic products.

From our Spanish producer - -  we can offer a variety of delicious quality products. From here we can offer our consumers a wide range of products with durability outside the fridge including Serrano ham (Click here for info on Serano ham) and Spanish salami specialties like chorizo ​​and Salchichón. These products are ideal on the bread, camping trip, festivals and picnics.

Espuña has for the fourth year in a row, won the "Product of the Year Award".

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