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SR Food er leveringsdygtige i et bredt og mangeartede udvalg af spændende produkter med pris og kvalitet for øje. Vores hjemmeside er ikke en udtømmende gennemgang af alle vores mange produkter, men giver et godt billede af de muligheder, vi kan tilbyde.

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All SR Foods dough makes it easy to prepare food and pastry. Our extensive selection of fresh dough appears below.

Fresh dough from SR Food is chilled, rolled out on wax paper and ready for use.

See also our recipes for more inspiration.

Within the barbecue and sausage segment, we supply many different foreign sausages. The segment is wide and includes typical and regional protected German quality sausages as the Original Nürnberger (click for more info on Nürnberger sausages). 

From Austria we offer organic sausages  and from Spain, the exciting Chorizo ​​sausages.
At the same time, we offer delicious fleshy, tender and tasty Spareribs.
Here is shown a small sample of our range.

For snacks products, we offer different flavors for the afternoon and as a little treat for the packed lunch.
The delicious tapas products that are easy to heat in the microwave oven and enjoy as appetizer, starter or on the terrace.
Here is a small selection as appetizers:

From Kitzbühel in the high Alps in Austria we roudly present our tasty organic products.
Below is a small selection, but in addition we offer a wide range of organic products such as bacon, pepper or spice salami, Bierwurst, Kaminwurzl.

In the convenience segment we can, among other things, offer crabcakes of both pork and poultry, ordinary sausages (Vienna Sausages, sausages, Party Sausages, etc.) but also sausages with chili, cheese, curry powder, low-fat or organic - see under barbecue and sausage products.

Within the convenience area, we, in addition to the above, also provide fresh potato products such as gnocchi, potato noodles, fried potatoes with and without bacon pieces and grated potatoes which are used to make fritters in the pan. In addition to this, there is also the known Eierspätzle.

These fresh convience products are easy to prepare and can be used for appetizers and main dishes - the only limit is your imagination.

Below is a selection of our products.

Within this segment, we are capable of delivering both conventional and organic products from Germany, Holland, Austria, Italy and Spain.

We have a wide selection of orders and sandwich products, bacon and delicious little tapas.

Contact us for an informal meeting on a possible. cooperation.

This page shows a small selection of our products.

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